Led the redesign of Vendavo's website, a leader in pricing optimization software. Designed digital events and integrated CMS for the mid-level SaaS company.

A website redesign with an intentional strategic overhaul aimed at captivating a niche audience of C-suite executives. Our primary goal was to reimagine the website as a concentrated lead-generation engine that would empower Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) by generating a steady stream of high-quality leads. I delivered a website redesign that not only met but also surpassed the client's success metrics, reflecting a significant increase in SDR leads and enhanced user engagement.

The initial phase of the project involved conducting in-depth research on the target users, which comprised C-suite executives. The research was conducted using interviews, surveys, and market analysis to gain a comprehensive understanding of their pain points, motivations, and decision-making processes. Based on the research insights, detailed user personas were created to serve as the guiding principles for the design process.

Sebastian, the Chemical CTO:

  • Sebastian seeks sophisticated solutions to optimize his company's pricing strategy. He wants clear information and ROI case studies that streamline technological processes, reduce time-to-market, and leverage data analytics for smarter pricing decisions.

Isabella, the Aftermarket CFO:

  • Isabella's main focus is improving the company's financial standing by reducing costs and improving operational efficiency. She prefers data-driven content that shows how pricing optimization can lead to better margin management, minimize revenue leakage, and utilize predictive analytics for more accurate financial planning and risk assessment.

Maximilian, the Industrial CEO:

  • Maximilian envisions using advanced tools like pricing optimization to drive business growth, gain a competitive edge, and offer a customer-centric approach to pricing.

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