Breaking Your Mentees Into Design

September 22, 2022

Diversity and Inclusion

✨ If you missed's BeMore Conference or my MasterClass "Breaking Your Marginalized Mentees Into Tech," here is the link to my presentation!

Some of the key takeaways:

🔑 Tech privilege gives us not only access, pedigree, and financial security, but also a Sense of Belonging. One that Marginalized Mentees often don't have, leading to imposter syndrome.

🔑 Distributing resources to marginalized mentees in a way that is equitable, accessible, and free is a primary way to disrupt the Digital Divide, and subsequently, bring equity into our organizations.

🔑 Marginalization doesn't end when you break into tech. We need to help our mentees break through imposter syndrome by owning their stories, advocating for their mental health, and building safe spaces in our own organizations.

There's an uphill battle to secure equitable and safe environments for those who are in marginalized groups in our organizations.There could be a lot of pessimism looking at a lot of this data. But I am confident that organizations like are leading the way to democratize education in design and allow knowledge to be free and equitable.

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